Organisational Development and Change Management

  • Facilitate change management, organisational, service, practice development and co-design processes
  • Develop service models and frameworks
  • Facilitate team development processes
  • Provide training on change management, organisational culture and healthy workplaces, and inclusive and culturally responsive organisations.

Planning, Review, Evaluation and Research

  • Facilitate strategic, operational and team planning
  • Undertake service and program reviews and evaluations
  • Conduct social research
  • Provide training on planning and evaluation, project design and management, and Results Based Accountability (RBA).

Partnership and Collaboration Development

  • Facilitate development of partnership structures, processes and agreements
  • Facilitate partnership planning and reviews
  • Provide partnership coaching
  • Provide training on collaboration and partnership skills, strategic networking and interagency work.

Inclusion, Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness

  • Develop cultural competence and inclusion plans and processes
  • Facilitate community engagement and consultation processes with diverse communities
  • Provide training on cultural competence, diversity and inclusion.

Governance, Leadership and Management Development

  • Provide training on governance, leadership and management, staff supervision, reflective practice, performance management and team work
  • Provide professional management supervision/coaching.

Community Engagement, Participation and Development

  • Design and facilitate community engagement processes
  • Design and facilitate co-design processes
  • Facilitate community/network planning processes
  • Develop a community engagement or participation strategy
  • Provide training on community engagement and consultation, community participation, community development and capacity building, community advocacy.

Staff and Team Development

  • Provide training on:
    • Working with communities: community development and capacity building, community engagement and consultation, community participation
    • Working with individuals and families: person centred and family centred practice, advocacy skills, ‘case’ management and coordination including integrated/interagency case management, inclusive and culturally responsive practice
    • Project design and management
    • Reflective practice
  • Facilitate team development processes.